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We’ve just heard the news that everyone’s favourite Englishman will be sporting the best of British watch-making in his latest film.

It’s called Kingsman: The Secret Service and is from the dynamic duo who brought the hilarious, and sweary, Kick-Ass to the screen, director Matthew Vaughn and writer Jane Goldman. The plot sees Firth, one of a crack team of super-secret spies, recruit a delinquent to join the organisation. Cue lots of guns, clipped British accents, a cameo from Bremont’s own Nick English and class-based comedy.

What the film also contains is Bremont’s chronometers, and lots of them. Each Kingsman agent will be sporting a rose-gold chronograph on an alligator strap, while the trainees get to wear a black chrono on a Nato.

Speaking about why he chose Bremont for the film, director Vaughn said:  “Kingsman are first and foremost British, which made Bremont watches the perfect fit. Apart from making fantastic mechanical watches, Bremont has links to the military, making them perfect timepieces for the modern spy.”

The watches will go on sale in the not-so secret locations of Bremont’s boutique and Mr in September and you’ll be able to see Firth being terribly British, alongside other screen icons such as Michael Caine, Mark Hamill and Samuel L Jackson in October.

Now, where did I put my bowler hat?



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