When we first heard that TAG Heuer had got face of the moment Cara Delevingne as an ambassador, we must admit our first thought was “Why?”

TAG Heuer usually has people who have some kind of career longevity as an ambassador, where as Ms Delevingne seems to have only just about racked up her 15 minutes.

Then we realised how clever TAG has been. Every woman between the ages of 18-25 wants to be Cara (and we’d hazard that so do a few of their mothers…). Which means that whatever Cara wears will immediately be at the top of every Christmas and birthday wish list for the next few years.

The Watch

TAG Heuer Cara Delevingne watch

Which brings us the watch itself. Which we really really like, despite thinking we wouldn’t.

In keeping with her love of being bit of a chameleon – red carpet glamour one day, beanie hat and high tops the next – Cara has chosen the least dainty or delicate timepiece in the TAG stable, choosing instead the 41mm Lady Carrera, giving it a titanium-carbide coating and an anthracite dial. However, these quite masculine details are off-set by the feminine diamond-set bezel and a padded strap with chequerboard stitching.

It’s a TAG but not as you know it. And it’s damn cool.

What’s interesting?

TAG Heuer Cara Delevingine Carrera watch

If you’re after a mechanical you’re not in luck here. All the watches are quartz with the price varying depending on your diamond and strap preferences. The other thing that might put some people off is the lion and Cara’s signature on the back of the watch and strap respectively. However, the way the watch looks on the wrist more than makes up for these two quibbles.

Look and feel

TAG Heuer Cara Delevingne watch

How much influence Ms Delevingne actually had on the design is up for debate, however the watch does feel like some of her cool credentials have rubbed off on TAG’s designers.

It manages to play with both masculine and feminine elements, the diamonds aren’t too flashy and we’re huge fans of the way it looks on the padded, stitched strap, which gives it a fashion edge.

It is 41mm, which could look too large on some people, though considering how delicate of wrist Cara is, it obviously wasn’t created with those more robust of radius in mind.

It won’t be to everyone’s tastes but we’re definitely sold.

Wear it

The obvious way to wear it is to think WWCD (or what would Cara do). So basically anything goes. Play up the masculine side of things and accessorise with a baseball cap, high tops, baggy t-shirt and shorts or channel the glamour with something black and lacy. Whatever you do, don’t forget to attend to your eyebrows first…

TAG Heuer Cara Delevingne Carrera watch

To get the look, click on the board

Need to know

This is a celebrity collaboration that has actually produced a watch we think people will want to wear and not just because it has Cara Delevingne written (literally) all over it.

Buy it now: TAG Heuer

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