Sofa sunday

Black Friday, Sofa Sunday, Cyber Monday – all these may sound like the inventions of an addled mind but we can assure you they are real and happening in the next few days.

For those of you who haven’t brushed up on your retail jargon, these three days are, respectively, the Friday after Thanksgiving, in the US, which is regarded as the first shopping day of Christmas; the Sunday following Black Friday when everyone sits on a sofa, probably in a reindeer onesie, and shops online for Christmas presents. Cyber Monday is the day after when online business compete to offer customers the best deals.

Considering we’re more sofa-surfer types, we thought we look at six of the non-watch websites where you can pick up some great Christmas presents for the watch lovers in your life. Beats a novelty apron and oven mitt set any day.


This good solid high-street retailer is perfect for those in your life who like something classic. Impress your gran with this Sekonda Ladies white dial quartz watch (RRP: £35) – the bracelet style will suit an older wrist, while the numerals are make things easier to read. For your grandad, may we recommend this ultra slim Rotary (RRP: £200). It’s got a retro charm he’s bound to love. For the slightly more trendy uncle in your life, opt for the Skandi cool of this Skagen (RRP: £135). It will look great with a winter knit, which someone else will no doubt have bought him.

Debenhams watches

(Buy Now from left to right: Skagen, Sekonda, Rotary)

John Lewis

A British retail stalwart that may have a reputation for the more sensible things in life but, when it comes to its watch offering, things get a little more interesting. Take this gorgeous vintage-inspired watch from Olivia Burton (RRP: £75) – it is feminine without being saccharine and perfect for your quirky but cool best friend. Your dad would be over the moon to find this Helvetica watch from Swiss design gurus Mondaine (RRP: £295) rather than socks under the tree. It is inspired by the font it is named after, which everyone knows is the most discerning typeface around. If your mum is a fan of something sparkly, then pick up this Daniel Wellington (RRP: £119). It has Swarovski crystals on the dial but the black leather prevents it from being too young.

John Lewis watches

(Buy Now from left to right: Mondaine HelveticaDaniel Wellington; Olivia Burton)

Mr Porter

This is definitely a one-stop shop for all those stylish chaps in your life and that goes for watches as well. You can’t go wrong with a Bremont Solo (RRP:£2,650) for your special man. It’s British, hard-wearing and, more importantly very very cool. If he doesn’t like it, we’d consider it grounds for divorce. For the brother-in-law, Uniform Wares (RRP: £620) is a safe bet. All the watches are designed in Shoreditch but made in Switzerland and this chronograph is sleek sophistication at its best. The younger brother is always a difficult one but we think this Luminox Colourmark (RRP: £270) will bring a smile to his face.

Mr Porter watches

(Buy Now from left to right: Uniform Wares; Luminox; Bremont)


If you want a touch of old school luxury, you head to Harrods. Just the building alone is enough to make you feel you should be in crinoline. However, luckily it isn’t stuck in the dark ages when it comes to its watches. If you’ve got new parents-in-law you need to impress, might we suggest you opt for almost matching Georg Jensen watches. They are both from the Koppel family but the man’s version (RRP: £990) is a chronograph – essential for egg boiling – while the women’s version is pared back but with diamonds (RRP: £745). We also thought this G-Shock Gulf Master watch (RRP: £475) would be great for the younger male cousin type. He’ll spend so long working out what all the functions do, he won’t have time to be a stroppy teenager.

Harrods watches

(Buy Now from left to right: Georg Jensen (for him); Georg Jensen (for her); G-Shock)


This store has been getting rather a lot of attention recently thanks to the Chanel 4 fly-on-the-wall documentary, however we always think of it as the place to get something that feels a little bit special but that doesn’t break the bank, like this Flowers of Liberty Wiltshire print knot watch (RRP: £59.95). It’s perfect for keeping the office receptionist on side so she’ll continue to sign for your Net-a-porter packages. Liberty has also recently taken on Shore Projects. This brilliant brand has been going down a storm with the fashion crowd, thanks to its interchangeable straps. Give this watch (RRP: £125) plus a change of strap (RRP: £20) to your younger sister and her new boyfriend. They can add it to the rest of their shared wardrobe.

Liberty watches

(Buy Now from left to right: Shore Projects strap and watch; Liberty)


Selfridges really feels like the cooler younger sister of the high-street retail scene. It’s where you go to buy a present for someone who likes to be seen to be in fashion. This Casio (RRP: £45) isn’t exactly on the cutting edge but it is the watch brand you see on the wrist of every Hackney hipster, which is why you’ll be buying it for your knowingly on-trend younger female cousin. You’ve been trying to get your Aunt out of her Michael Kors for ages, so get it off her wrist once and for all with this brand new Tory Burch (RRP: £565). And finally, this Burberry Pioneer (RRP: £295) will be perfect for buttering up the Boss.

Happy shopping.

Selfridges watches

(Buy Now from left to right: Tory Burch; Burberry; Casio)


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