Since 1883, the man responsible for Alpina – Gottlich Hauser, has been associated with horological innovation and founded the first ever Swiss Watchmakers Corporation. By doing so he united the leading Swiss independent watchmakers, who became known as the ‘Alpinists’.

This art form soon evolved and Alpina started to develop and produce its own calibres and chronometers in-house. By the 1920’s Alpina was one of the leading manufacturers of Swiss watches worldwide.

Gottlieb Hauser was single handedly responsible for the sports watch concept. He wanted to provide sportsmen, engineers, technicians and adventurers with the ideal watch. Hauser turned his vision into reality with the introduction of the legendary ‘Alpina 4’ concept in 1938 and in doing so created the sport watch revolution. By incorporating 4 key elements – anti-shock, waterproof, anti-magnetic and stainless steel casing, the ‘Alpina 4’ watches became the timepiece of choice for Alpinists, air force pilots, divers and the navy.

Celebrating 130 years, Alpina continues to preserve the ‘Alphinist’ philosophy with its watches; a philosophy shaped exclusively by the attitude required by sportsmen to perform in the reality of the most difficult natural environments.

The Alpina collections produce reliable and expertly manufactured watches for those brave enough to participate in the most demanding and extreme activities; from the world of aviation, racing, driving, sailing and adventure.
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