Born in 1949
Origin Japan
Prices from £70
Famous for  Technological innovations in sports shoes and apparel

When Kihachiro Onitsuka first started his athletic footwear company in 1949, he was determined that every concept, every idea, must involve creating the best possible product. In 2011 his company, ASICS Corporation, joined with Seiko Instruments Inc. in a licensed partnership, with the goal of creating and producing ASICS watches for a world-wide market.

In 2012, the first collections of ASICS high-quality, lightweight and eye catching digital running watches were launched in Japan. The aim of both companies in this partnership is to use their expertise to develop running watches that will provide runners at all levels of the sport with innovative and reliable equipment, to help them achieve their personal goals.

Did You Know? The ASICS AP01 is a watch covered by more than seven patents. It will help runners find a more consistent and efficient running rhythm by applying Steps per Minute (SPM) as a training method, in addition to the standard methods of measuring pace and distance.

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