Born in 1798
Origin Germany
Prices from £9,400
Famous for  Apart from its lavish diamond timepieces, it is the official watch partner of the English National Ballet

Backes & Strauss is quite simply a master of diamonds and its diamonds are masterpieces. Combining its passion for diamonds, obsession with perfection and its genius marriage to horological heavyweight [glossary id=’7005′ slug=’franck-muller’ /], you can expect the unexpected. Elegant watches featuring only the highest quality diamonds, that are fundamental to the design aesthetics, are set to maximise the fire of its creations, making Backes & Strauss rather unique among watchmakers. Drawing on its history and heritage, namely that of a London provenance, and its outstanding polishing and craftsmanship of men’s and ladies watches, Backes & Strauss offer endless possibilities in creating the ultimate diamond watch.

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