Baume and Mercier watch

When Baume & Mercier decided to create its first new women’s watch collection in over a decade, unsurprisingly it went back to its archives.

It’s probably safe to say that recent years have not been the most illustrious when it comes to Baume & Mercier’s offering for women. They’ve been nice, but “nice” is pedestrian and a quality that doesn’t really cut it when it comes to watch you want to spend money on.

The Baume & Mercier designs from the 1960s and 1970s, which is where the inspiration for the Promesse came from, were anything but pedestrian. They were stylish, even a touch flamboyant, and showed real design flair.

Promesse, with its oval bezel surrounding a round dial, was a nod to that history. And also a sign that the future for women’s watches at Baume & Mercier was looking a lot more, well, promising…

However, the Promesse isn’t a straight up 1970s homage. It’s a very stylish modern-looking watch that Baume & Mercier have, very cannily, aimed at people looking to get affianced.

While a watch might not be the most common thing to say “I do” to, those ahead of the curve are using one as a pre-ring option (see why here). So, if you’re thinking of ditching the diamond and trampling on tradition, then this is the watch for you.


Baume and Mercier watch

There is no mistaking that this is a woman’s watch and we mean that as a compliment. There is a softness and an elegance to it, which is enhanced by the round dial inside an oval bezel and the slightly bowed links on the bracelet.

There are 14 different versions of the Promesse, from the very basic steel on leather with a quartz through to bi-colour automatic or steel with diamonds.

However, we think this steel automatic with a guilloche dial is the stand-out number.


Baume and Mercier watch

The guilloche on the dial is a lovely touch. It adds detail and interest to the piece, without being too outré, making it the perfect accompaniment to a gorgeous creation in ivory. If you do opt for the automatic you will also have the benefit of being able to see it through the caseback.


Baume and Mercier watch

All pictures were taken at Mappin & Webb, Regent Street

This watch seems to look so perfect on everyone, it is as if it was made specifically for them. The curved lines mean that it hugs the contours of the wrist perfectly and commands attention without shouting.

It also manages that rare feat of being an incredibly elegant piece that can be worn on any occasion, day or night. Because whose wedding celebrations stop when the sun goes down…


Forget Kate Middleton; she’s so four years ago. The modern bride doesn’t go in for the big gown, she’s all about the separates. Think delicate tulle skirts, cashmere jumpers (because goose bumps are not a good look and you can never rely on the British weather) and fabulous shoes that are your “something blue”.

Channel the impossibly chic Olivia Palermo (pictured below left) and wear pieces that aren’t just relegated to the back of the closest when your wedding day is over. Plus, this modern take on bridal chic, is the ideal compliment for the unusual yet timeless design of the Promesse.

Baume and Mercier watch

To get this look, click on the board


There is nothing not to love about this watch. The design is one that won’t date, however it isn’t a solid classic that lacks imagination. It looks simple but there is real detail in the watch and that gives an overall impression of it being much more than its £2,600 price tag. At that price, if you don’t get given one you could just as easily buy it as a wedding gift to yourself…

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