Gail Porter has been a television presenter, an author, a model – she’s even had her derriere projected on to the House of Parliament.

Now Gail is launching her new blog and promoting her new healthy lifestyle. We caught up with her behind the scenes at her photoshoot to talk fitness, night’s out and, of course, we took this opportunity to get some cool watches on her wrist

Gail Porter

Gail Porter at her shoot at Soho House, London

You’ve been a TV presenter, made documentaries, been a model and a writer – what have you enjoyed the most?

I loved them all in different ways. Being a presenter meant that I got to travel the world and meet amazing people, when others complained, I’d be like: “We’re in Bali. Hello…”. I also got to host Top of the Pops, what is there not to love. Modelling let me play dress up (or dress down depending on the magazine!). Documentaries opened my eyes to so many different walks of life and writing is what I enjoy doing for fun. I’ve been a very lucky girl.

What was your background? How did you get into television?

I started off making tea and coffee at a facilities house in Edinburgh. I had studied film and photography and also industry-standard video editing at film school. Alongside making the best beverages in Scotland, I also was a camera assistant, offline editor, PA and a producer and a damned fine babysitter! I babysat for a Director that I had worked with, he thought I was great with kids, invited me to audition for a new children’s television show (The Totally Interactive Gameshow on CITV) and I got the job! I never planned any of this, but then I’ve never really planned anything in my life. The rest is history.

Behind the scenes at the Gail Porter shoot

Behind the scenes at the Gail Porter shoot

You’re rather keen on your health and fitness regime now – what exactly do you do?

I’ve always enjoyed jogging but for the past three months I’ve worked with my personal trainer Angela Graham doing a fusion of yoga, Pilates and strength core work. I’ve got two belts in martial arts and even I’m using muscles I’ve never used before. It is completely changing my body shape. And I’ve lost over a stone.

How would you describe your style and do you think it has changed since you’ve noticed the change in your body shape?

I still wear the same sort of thing – it’s just a lot tighter. I used to be in baggy everything, now though, I’ve still got that rock chick look, but my jeans are skinny and my t-shirts fit.

Your style is quite tomboyish – does that extend to your watch choices as well?

I love big watches. Ideally a man’s watch. I like things that people will notice. I want something chunky, large, something that looks like you could go to war in it. I’m not a dolly girl in pretty dresses; it’s just not my style. I want people to see what I’m wearing and go “Oh my god. You’re wearing that”.

What would a night on the town with Gail Porter look like?

A night out with Gail Porter…..well, there’s a question. you’d have to take me out and see!

When I first moved to London, I lived in Soho for seven years; it had a real community, like where I’d come from in Scotland. There’s a restaurant there called Little Italy and the owners practically adopted me. They always made sure I was fed, I even wrote my first book in that restaurant. It’s really nice and then, at 10pm, they push all the tables back and put on “Mum and Dad” music, like Sinatra so people can dance. It’s so old school. Another place was the Groucho Club, because you can do what you like there and nobody bothered you…

Gail Porter shoot

Gail Porter and the team behind her Soho House shoot (l-r Photographer Dave Kai-Piper, Gail, Assistant Photographer Stephie Rebello and Stylist Lucas Armitage)

Which watches for Gail? We explain how we chose our watches for the shoot

Gail stated she likes men’s watches so we knew dainty was out of the question. For her first look, we chose the Thomas Sabo Rebel At Heart man’s watch (RRP £275. Buy it now from Thomas Sabo).

Gail is a rock chick at heart, so what better brand to choose than this. This bold design is 44mm, which could be too big for some women, but it really works with Gail’s punky aesthetic.

Thomas Sabo watch

Thomas Sabo Rebel At Heart

We also wanted to work a colour pop into her outfits, which is often hard when opting for a larger dial size. Luckily Shinola was on hand. Its Runwell Coin Edge with a turquoise dial (RRP £515. Buy it now from Shinola) keeps things bold with a 38mm case, but allows tomboys to wear a bit of colour.

Shinola watch

Shinola Runwell Coin Edge

Having studied film and photography and having spent most of her career in front of cameras too, Gail has an eye for well designed pieces, which is why we had to introduce her to the classic that is Mondaine. The red strap gives that flash of colour, while the iconic dial works with the smarter side of Gail’s wardrobe.

This Stop 2 Go (RRP: £450. Buy it now from John Lewis) is also a bit clever. Like the Swiss railway clocks on which the look is based, the second hand does revolution in 58 seconds then waits for the minute hand to move before starting its next cycle. It’s a cool quirk that we thought fitted Gail’s personality perfectly.

Mondaine Stop 2 Go watch

Mondaine Stop 2 Go

Visit Gail Porter’s new blog

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