Born in 2008
Origin Denmark
Prices from £99
Famous for  Watches designed by Max Rene, the multi award-winning Danish designer

Who would have thought that by jumping out of a helicopter into the ice cold Arctic, directly over the North Pole, landing and being captivated by the cool, simple beauty and infinite white expense of the eternal ice, would result in the creation of a breathtaking range of watches? But it did, when Danish adventurer and businessman Rene Kaeskov transferred his passion and fascination with his vision into what is now Bering Watch Design.

Aptly named after the first European to discover Alaska and the man that sailed the Arctic Ocean crossing the now honourably named Bering Strait, Danish sailor Vitus Bering, is a fitting hero to this watch collection. Bering perfectly combines extraordinarily hard materials with an extremely flat watch design, the epitome of Rene’s vision. Only recently launched into the UK, Bering has wasted no time collecting fans and awards. Clean, simple, overwhelmingly desirable, it is pure timekeeping at its very best.

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