Born in 1822
Origin Switzerland
Prices from £13,000
Famous for  Are unique in upholding its tradition of employing female artisans. Purchasers of their limited edition watches (£1m+) are flown out to the manufacturing facility to witness the craftsmanship and meet the artisans

Swiss luxury watchmakers, Bovet Fleurier SA was chartered May 1, 1822 in London, U.K. by Édouard Bovet. The son of a watchmaker he was born into the trade, and studied the art with his Father in Fleurier, but in 1814 he left home for political reasons and moved to London, the watchmaking hub of the time, to hone his natural skill.

After studying in the city for a few years with the firm of Messrs. Ilbury & Magniac, Magniac sent Bovet to Canton, China in 1818. Almost as soon as he arrived he was able to sell four of his watches for the equivalent of $1,000,000. Édouard had found his market.

Bovet watches include much artistic detail, and the company gives the artisans a great deal of independence in creating the elements of the watches, thus encouraging creativity. The Chinese watches were originally sold in pairs in a mahogany box, both for good luck and so that the user would have a back-up watch if one needed repair, as repairs would sometimes take more than six months to complete.

Famed for its pocket watches, when the company began to make watches again in the 1990s it produced a unique style of watch which incorporated various elements of the pocket watch form in its construction, such as at the lugs, and won awards after its introduction in 1997. The Bovet watches of today still use this styling, and remain unique for its high quality enamelling, engraving, and a seven-day self-winding tourbillon.

Did You Know?
Bovet watches are also unique for the company’s tradition of employing women artisans, which is rare for traditional watch making companies in Europe.

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