Born in 1875
Origin USA
Prices from £395
Famous for  Produced the first electronic watch, powered by a tuning fork that vibrated 360 times a second

Arriving from New York in 1870, from his native Bohemia (Czech Republic), Joseph Bulova established himself as a jeweller in Lower Manhattan. Quickly distinguishing himself by his quality and innovative techniques, demand grew creating the establishment of a manufacturing plant dedicated to the production of watch components. Based in Bienne, Switzerland, this subsequently became the watch industries first standardised assembly line.

In 1919, Bulova debuted the first ever complete line of men’s jewelled watches and was later credited with the invention of the world’s first electric clocks, some of which remain in US train terminals today. With the invention of the Bulova Accutron, devised by Swiss engineer Max Hetzel, Bulova became globally recognised.

First sold in 1960, the Accutron (the world’s first electronic watch) was powered by a tuning fork that vibrated 360 times a second and caused the watch to emit a humming sound as opposed to a tick. This tuning fork movement was a revolution in the industry and Accutron timepieces are now highly sought after in the vintage watch market.

Today Bulova Accutron sits aside its sister brand Bulova as its Swiss Made, luxury counterpart. The brand’s dedication to innovation prevails with models such as its Calibrator and its Limited Edition Gemini World Timer in association with brand ambassador, Sir Richard Branson. Its ladies watch collection includes mechanical and quartz wristwatches with superior materials and a refined design aesthetic.

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