Born: 1976
Origin UK
Prices from £39.99
Famous for  Designing watches for fitness fanatics

Cardio Sport falls under the umbrella brand of Healthcare Technology Limited which is a privately owned high technology manufacturing and distribution business based in the United Kingdom since 1976 and has been partnered with Zentan Technology Co Ltd in Taiwan since 1992.

Cardiosport has been distributing heart rate watch monitors worldwide for over 25 years, and has designed a range of watches for fitness fanatics of all levels. Knowing that exercising to maintain good health is an important aspect of many people’s lifestyle, Cardio Sport became aware that time available to workout is often at a premium. It made sense therefore, to use a heart rate monitor to ensure each workout is as effective as it can be. Featuring an array of weight loss tools including weight management, cardiozone, heart rate wave display, a fat burn counter and more, these timepieces are the ultimate sports accessory.

Unique to the brand is its patented CardioZone training system, which allows you to set a target training zone and sustain it.

Did you know? The cardiosport models feature the safe 122 kHz low frequency digital transmission system with coding to allow exercise in close proximity to other monitors.

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