Between the transient fashion brands and the aspirational luxury watchmakers lies a category of watches that offer consistency, quality and plenty of style potential. We’re talking, of course, about the classic brands.

You know the ones. They’re in the window of every high-street jeweller, and they represent most of the best-selling designs in the UK. They’re the brands happy to stand back and observe as the trendsetters fight to keep up with the latest catwalk shades and prints. But they’re equally content with offering value, affordability and the kind of longevity that ensures a watch is on your wrist for years, not just months.

When chasing the next best thing, don’t overlook the Citizen, Rotary or Seiko’s of the watch world, as there’s a classic-cool to be harnessed if you wear them thoughtfully and with a touch of street swagger. You can make a fashion statement that goes beyond the obvious labels.

Citizen Silhouette Crystal with gold tone stainless steel case and bracelet and Swarovski crystals

We have taken a gold tone bracelet, like this Citizen Silhouette Crystal watch (above), which if worn slightly loose on the wrist gives a casual, nonchalant feel. With a nod to the season’s resurgence of 90s style (think padded bomber jackets with a Gwen Stefani eccentricity) we’ve paired it with a Micky Mouse print Top Shop jumper, pale denim Paige jeans and a black Mango bomber jacket with gold detailing.

Wear it

Citizen Gold Watch
Citizen Gold Watch
Citizen Gold Watch

For added punch, layer with chains, beaded bracelets and bangles in a variety of sizes, but just make sure they all have a yellow gold base tone. The booming interest in yellow gold in the world of fine jewellery, means that golden hued watches are big news for the rest of the year.

Citizen Gold Watch

Classic-cool gold watches

Try looking past the traditional design codes and seek out the retro-cool potential that lies underneath. Here are six watches we love by the brands you may have spent years walking past on the high street…until now.

Citizen Silhouette Crystal

Citizen Gold Watch

The featured Citizen Silhouette Crystal, which has a gold tone stainless steel case and bracelet with Swarovski crystals and a white dial, really does pull off the trendy dressed down look adding a bit of beloved bling to the mix. Buy now £199.

Seiko Dress Watch

If a mere mention of the word ‘Seiko’ makes you think of bulky men’s designs (like the formidable Astron), now’s the time to think again. This slim-fitting dress watch is pleasingly pared back, but there’s still something eye-catching about the slightly oversized cabochon crown and classic Roman numerals. Buy now £179.

Seiko dress watch gold bracelet strap

Tissot PR100 Quartz Lady

Tissot PR100 Quartz gold bracelet watch

With its sporty aesthetic and chunky 33mm case size, this Tissot can hold its own against the onslaught of thick coats and chunky knits as the winter rolls in. It also houses a Swiss-made quartz ETA movement, so you’ll benefit from top-quality timekeeping. Buy now £280.

Rotary Windsor Cushion

There’s an ‘Old Etonian’ air to this Rotary Windsor. It may be designed for men, but at 32mm it could easily be worn by women who want to tap into the gold revival. The champagne dial and two-tone bracelet strap is what makes this a winner for us. Buy now £179.

Rotary Windsor Cushion watch gold bracelet strap

Accurist Ladies Bracelet Watch

Accurist gold bracelet watch

If you’re not sold on the gold watch trend, this Accurist offers an affordable way to test the waters (and the limits of your wardrobe). We particularly like the brushed champagne dial contrasted against the highly-polished bracelet strap. Buy now £70.

Bulova Ladies Diamond

The combination of gold tones and crystal or diamond accents can risk slipping into Del Boy territory. Fortunately this Bulova toes the line with subtle diamond hour markers, a mother-of-pearl dial and an unusual off-centre crown. Buy now £296.

Bulova gold bracelet watch

Sekonda Ladies Quartz Analogue

Sekonda gold bracelet watch

It doesn’t get much simpler than this gold-plated Sekonda watch, and yet there’s something fashionably versatile about it. Wear it with jeans and a simple t-shirt for a hint of yellow gold at the wrist, or layer with chunky knits, leather jackets and colourful bracelets for a texture and colour clash. Buy now £39.99.

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