Yolanda Tschudin

Yolanda Tschudin

In its pursuit of excellence, DeLaneau produces couture jewellery watches of outstanding quality, in the same rare class as Piaget and Cartier

Exceptional, elite, visionary and colourful: these qualities are synonymous with the DeLaneau brand. Famous for creating extraordinary jewellery watches for private clients and elite collectors, its timepieces guarantee standout.

But DeLaneau stands for more than striking good looks. Founders Rolf and Yolanda Tschudin, who established the business in 1949, were on a mission to partner creative design with outstanding craftsmanship. This ethos has never faltered. DeLaneau’s opulent style got into its stride in the 1970s, when it gained a reputation for creating highly exclusive confections of rare metals and precious gems.

With elaborate engraving, gem-setting and masterful Grand Feu enamelling, its watches were outwardly stunning, but also intricately crafted within. DeLaneau artisans have continued to make free-spirited collections and made-to-measure jewellery watches.

Now, as ever, flamboyance is underpinned by a sober commitment to precision watch making.

Artistic Passion

At DeLaneau, the desire to be forward thinking has equal footing with the need to preserve and advance the traditional arts and crafts. As an example, the start of this millennium saw the opening of DeLaneau’s enamelling atelier in Geneva, closely followed by their creation of the first tourbillon specifically for a ladies watch.

Looking backward, while looking forward – gaining ground as creative and technical pioneers, while respecting jewellers’ and watchmakers’ longstanding traditions – is integral to the mind-set of DeLaneau.

Small Wonder

DeLaneau’s watch making prowess was reaffirmed in 2002, when it teamed up with legendary manufacturer Christophe Claret to create the first ladies’ tourbillon watch. This broke new ground in horology, despite the fact that a tourbillon is a 200-year-old invention.

Creating a tourbillon remains the ultimate watch making achievement. It requires incredible skill to build this tiny machine, which enables a watch escapement and balance assembly to defy gravity.


Any craftsman that makes a tourbillon gets instant respect – and, of course, the thrill of following in the footsteps of the tourbillon’s inventor Abraham-Louis Breguet, AKA ‘The King of Watchmakers’.

Art and Nature

Over the years, DeLaneau has released many collections of stunning watches. Often inspired by wildlife and flowers, its creations are like wearable works of art. And that’s exactly what they are meant to be.

Just like works by your favourite painter or sculptor, they are rare and born of freedom of creativity. DeLaneau prides itself in giving artisans the opportunity to naturally evolve ideas. Creating just 200 pieces a year, it encourages the slow fruition of inspiration and believes in ‘quality, not quantity’.

Creative High Points

Butterfly & Orchid

Butterfly & Orchid

Delaneau’s Butterfly and Orchid creations are a master class in Grand Feu enamelling. Intricate enamel painting on the dial, combined with delicate engraving, are breathtaking in their detail.



In 2006, DeLaneau created Lotus, introducing a three-dimensional dial structure that had never been seen before, raising the bar with its incredible fusion of enamelling and engraving.


DeLaneau’s 1608 watch

DeLaneau’s 1608 watch was unveiled in 2007, deservedly attracting huge admiration. Its all-digital jumping hours and minutes display takes up a tiny fraction of the dial space, the rest is filled by a parquet of baguette diamonds.

Berries & Magnolia

Berries & Magnolia

These creations explore the use of enamel in volume, creating a wonderful, three-dimensional effect on the dial’s surface.



Delicates was created in 2009, to mark DeLaneau’s 60th anniversary. A variety of precious stones were used to make these joyful timepieces, which blend know-how and creativity. All the signatures of DeLaneau are there: elegant metals, precious gems and exquisite craftsmanship.

Eclat & Magic

Launched in 2010, the Eclat and Magic creations show extraordinary skilled gem art. The first is set with rare, triangle-cut diamonds, while the latter features swivelling half-domes with invisible-set baguette-cut gems.

Time to be 2

As if excellence in miniature enamel painting wasn’t enough of an achievement, in 2011 DeLaneau set itself the challenge of creating mirror image enamel dials. Successfully achieving its goal, DeLaneau’s mastery of Grand Feu enamel art was once again confirmed.

More than just a pretty face!

Small but perfectly formed independent Swiss watchmaker, DeLaneau, is known as ‘a jeweller of watches’. In a way, the label does it a disservice.

It is a brand that’s always in pursuit of the next artistic or technical challenge. Continually encouraging its artisans and craftsmen to elevate their skills to the highest level imaginable, they are passionate supporters of the longstanding traditions of jewellery art and watch making.

In its pursuit of excellence, it produces couture jewellery watches of outstanding quality, in the same rare class as Piaget and Cartier. These exceptional timepieces put DeLaneau on the world map for astute collectors.

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