Born in 1949
Origin Switzerland
Prices from £30,000
Famous for  Widely considered the master of Grand Feu enamelling

First seen in 1949, this exclusive and independent watchmaking brand has grown in popularity with private clients and elite collectors alike. Couple Rolf and Yolanda Tschudin from Biel created colourful and luxurious designs that stood out in the world of jewellery watchmaking at this time.

DeLaneau understand the unique aesthetics that appeal to the female market and so created the first tourbillion wristwatch, especially for women.

By using precious gems and rare materials, DeLaneau continually pushed the boundaries of watch design. The brand became synonymous with creating exceptional jewellery timepieces and fusing the art of engraving and delicate Grand Feu enamelling techniques. Never before had miniature enamel painting on a dial been realised with such refinement and sophistication.

Dedicated to quality, craftsmanship and with a distinctive style – a DeLaneau watch is not only a statement but also a piece of art!

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