Born in 1946
Origin France
Prices from £2,550
Famous for  Combining watchmaking with its couture credientials. The dials of its Grand Bal have featured textiles such as lace, feathers and denim

At Dior, the art of watchmaking focuses on precision and refinement. With beautiful crafting and meticulous watch design, using the best materials available and its attention to detail, its lifts its timepieces up to the realm of its world-renowned fashions.

The first Dior watch – Black Moon – was launched in 1975, and the classic design has influenced and inspired Dior collections since. Over time, many of Dior’s world famous creative heads have had a part in the watch collections: in 2001 John Galliano designed the Chris 47 Aluminium line, and the following year the Dior 66 was released, a timepiece that challenged many conventions of feminine watch design. In 2005 he released the Dior Christal, which combined steel and blue sapphires and Hedi Slimane introduced the Chiffre Rouge as part of the Dior Homme collection.

One of Dior’s challenges is to combine the class of haute couture with the industrial process of creating a Swiss watch. The worlds of manual and machine are brought together and as a result, the company produces top end, modern, traditional and delicately feminine pieces such as the Grand Bal with its dial-front rotor decorated with diamond lace or soft feathers. Recently Dior’s designers have focussed on more sombre watch designs such as an austere watch face studded with lime or pink sapphires, gearing towards classic features and joyful simplicity.

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