Dare to dream with these high jewellery watches…

This time of year we all like to indulge in a bit of fantasy. Everything seems lit with fairy lights, scented with cinnamon and glittering like a thousand sequins; it is a time when anything is possible and reindeer can fly.

When it comes to watches, dreams sit alongside reality most of the year in the form of high jewellery timepieces. These exquisite creations are works of art in stone-set form and have the price tag to match. Although they may be out of reach of most of us economically speaking, as the nights draw in and the fires burn bright, take a look at our top five jewellery watches of the year and dream that one day, one of them might be yours.

Dior Grand Soir Botanic


When you’re cutting mother of pearl into wafer-thin discs and building three-dimensional gardens of precious stones then you really are in a league of your own. And that’s precisely what Dior has done with its Grand Soir Botanic collection. There are eight in total but this Eve’s Watch Award-winning design, with its multi-coloured sapphire pave, exquisitely realised flower and smattering of diamonds has the edge. To make things even more fabulous the strap that is made from fabric also used for Dior’s Fusion trainers, which shows an irreverence and sense of humour you don’t usually get from a haute joaillerie House.

Cartier Panthère de Cartier


This Cartier 1980s icon has been relaunched for the 21st century and given a new lease of life with this white-gold-and-diamond version. 168 brilliant-cut diamonds adorn the case, while the dial boasts 118 brilliants and the bracelet an impressive 374 of the precious stones. In a piece that blurs the line between horology and jewellery, 660 diamonds are interspersed with black lacquer spots in a gorgeously Art Deco evening watch.

Audemars Piguet Diamond Outrage


The final piece in the trilogy of haute joaillerie watches produced by Audemars Piguet over the past three years this Outrage truly is outrageous. 9,923 brilliant-cut snow-set diamonds adorn the spikes, while a further 354 invisible-set baguettes are used on the tips of three of them. You almost don’t care if it tells the time or not.

Chanel Mademoiselle Privé Décor Aubazine


Taking inspiration from Mlle Chanel’s childhood and the floors of the Aubazine-based monastery-run orphanage where she spent her formative years, this hypnotic pattern is deceptive in its simplicity. The brilliant-cut diamonds are herded into patterns by slivers of black rhodium-plated white gold threads, while in between are set diamonds specifically cut for this design. It is a perfect illustration of the jewellery skill Chanel has at its disposal.

H Moser Venturer Smoky Sapphire


One of the forgotten skills necessary when creating a haute-joaillerie watch is the sourcing of stones – assessing colour, matching each stone and, in the case of this magnificent piece from H Moser, working out precise gradation of shade to illicit that feeling of falling into a rock pool. And that’s before you even start to consider how hard it is to set 375 sapphires with diamonds in between.

Chopard Green Carpet Collection


Under Chopard’s auspices, the ethical side of the jewellery and watch world slips into something far more glamorous with Chopard’s Green Carpet collection. This initiative, which has been going since 2013, has seen the brand showcase jewellery and watches featuring fairmined gold and ethically sourced gemstones, such as these from Gemfields. The social element is admirable but the stonework is superlative and showcased beautifully in this watch.

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