Born in 2005
Origin Switzerland
Prices from £350
Famous for  Classic dress watches from a traditional family firm

Rene Dreyfuss was born in La Chaux-de-Fonds, at the epicentre of the Swiss watchmaking industry. He went on to dedicate his life to the traditions of the craft. Rather than speaking to a specific gender or a trend, each Dreyfuss & Co collection represents an event in Rene Dreyfuss’ life – from the 1890 collection, marking the year of his birth, to the 1924 range, which commemorates Dreyfuss’ marriage to his childhood sweetheart Georgette Weil. The example above, is the handmade automatic Swiss strap watch in rose gold plate featuring 1895-4.

In style, Dreyfuss & Co watches are steadfastly traditional and many pieces have become truly collectable. Each watch features leather straps and sapphire glass – second only to diamond for strength – keeping them scratch resistant. Other than the 18k gold models, each piece is also water resistant, no matter how slender the model, and bears the Seafarer stamp, a guarantee that your timepiece is safe from water damage.  Each Dreyfuss & Co watch is handmade to ensure the high standards of the Dreyfuss name is met, ensuring a piece that will last for generations. And Dreyfuss & Co’s original brand motto – ‘tradition is remembered long after the price is forgotten’ – is still its motto today.

Did You Know? Ever the dedicated professional, Rene Dreyfuss made his first watch in 1925 and didn’t stop until 1974!

Brand Friends: They have a loyal following but like to stay below the radar.

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