Origin Singapore

Edypoi is based in ‘the little red dot’ Singapore, and is proud to be the city state’s first independent watch house. Through small batch production, Edypoi ensures impeccable craftsmanship and quality of its watches.

Born in 2012 from a drive to create modern timepieces without haute complications, Edypoi is the brainchild of Leroy Xavier Zhong – an industrial engineer who believes watchmaking is an art form and watches themselves can be wearable works of art. Edypoi makes watches for watch admirers, not experts. The brand believes consumers needn’t know everything about horology to purchase a timeless piece, and has chosen as its target market affluent but understated professionals.

This young company now carries two watch ranges – the Grande Solo series and the Anomaly. With faces decorated with softly toned crystals, Swiss Made movements and customisable straps made from soft calf leather, Edypoi is elegance with subtlety – and perfect for both men and women.

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