Men love watches so why not make this Valentine’s particularly special and buy him one. It’s better than a pair of pants with hearts on any day!

Buying a gift for Valentine’s Day has become a real relationship minefield. It used to be that a small token would suffice but now the stakes are much higher.

It’s not just about buying the right present, it’s also what that present says that’s important. Which is why a watch is perfect because you can tailor it to his personality and your budget. From daring designs to a pared-back classic, here are our top five. 

Alpina Alpiner Watch


Alpina is credited with creating the modern sports watch back in 1938, when its founder, Gottlieb Hauser, came up with the four characteristics he thought a sports watch should have: antimagnetism, antishock, water-resistance and made from stainless steel.

This Alpiner is a more refined, rather than sporty, model. It is the perfect everyday watch. There is nothing fussy about the design and, thanks to the combination of black leather and steel case, can work just as well with a suit as with a sweat shirt.

Alpina RRP: £870

Buy Now: The Watch Hut

SevenFriday P1/05 Watch

SevenFriday watch

This might not be a brand you’re familiar with but you really should be. SevenFriday is the brainchild of former watch distributor Daniel Niederer. At first glance this looks like an overly complicated and illegible design, however on closer inspection you can see it has an hour and minute hand, seconds sub dial and 24-hour indicator.

This design is not for everyone but the price certainly is. Thanks to the use of a Japanese Miyota movement, you can buy this clever-looking automatic for under a grand.

SevenFriday RRP: £850

Buy Now: Watchfinder

TW Steel CEO Diver Watch

TW Steel watch

TW Steel doesn’t do delicate, as this watch shows. It is probably not ideal for anyone with delicate wrists, nor is it the type of watch to wear with a suit. However, if you’re in the market for something substantial, to be worn at weekends, then this is the brand for you. Everything about this, from its gold-plated stainless steel case to the durable rubber strap, feels solid and built to last. He won’t be replacing this in a hurry.

TW Steel RRP: £625

Buy Now: The Watch Hut

Victorinox Inox Watch

Victorinox watch

You may be more familiar with this name as a maker of pen knives, however as you can see they make seriously stylish watches as well. Like its pen knives, this watch is built for every eventuality. It is resistant to both high and low temperature extremes, can sustain shocks, can survive a 10m drop and, should your other half wish, he could drive a 64-ton truck over it and it will still be fine.

All stats that he’ll really enjoy showing off to his mates with down the pub.

Victorinox RRP: £329

Buy Now: The Watch Hut

Seiko Sportura Watch

Seiko watch

If sporty is his thing then you can’t go wrong with this Seiko Sportura. The combination of rose gold and black is a classic one for both men’s and women’s watches and used to great effect here. It is solar powered, so you don’t need to worry about battery changes, uses sapphire crystal and the chronograph pushers are satisfying to use. This is a chunky, manly watch and it makes no apologies for that.

Seiko RRP: £399

Buy Now: John Lewis

Eve’s Picks On The Wrist

Men's watches SevenFriday and TW Steel Victorinox and Seiko

Alpina Alpiner, SevenFriday P1/05, TW Steel CEO Diver, Victorinox Inox and Seiko Sportura (from l-r)

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