Born in 2007
Origin Switzerland
Prices from £100
Famous for  The Teslar Natural Frequency Technology inside its watches mimics frequencies believed to be beneficial to life and general well-being

Fruitz is a watch brand by Philip Stein, a leader in lifestyle products using natural frequency technology, a concept that improves the wearer’s wellbeing.  Fruitz launched in 2007 with a collection of colourful, fun timepieces with design elements taken from fruit. All Fruitz watches contain a ‘Natural Frequency Technology’ disc which resonates at 7-9 hertz (the same as the earth) and delivers these natural frequencies to the wearer through their wrist. Benefits are said to be improved health and wellbeing by relaxing, calming the system, aiding better sleep and reducing stress.

Well received by media and celebrities alike, the watch brand now has a community of famous fans from Dakota Fanning, Madonna to Oprah Winfrey.

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