Born in 1845
Origin Germany
Prices from £3,000
Famous for  Official sponsor and patron of the Glashütte Original Music Festival in Germany

Although Glashütte Original is relatively new to the industry arriving on the scene in 1994, the German luxury watchmaking brand has heritage dating back to the 1845. Glashütte, the birthplace of the German watchmaking industry, is where great master watchmakers came and designed pocket watches and pendulum clocks. Due to the great demand for precision watches from Glashütte, The German School of watchmaking was opened in 1878.

The four main collections which echo its strong heritage, are abundant in precious materials and push the limits of what mechanical watches can achieve. The watch collections; Quintessential, Jewelled, 20th Century Vintage and Art & Tecknik are supreme examples of watchmaking that range from the traditional high end to the more stripped down and modern.

Function and art combine with an attention to detail to delight any watch connoisseur; gold chatons for housing the jewels secured by hand polished screws and traditional ribbing of plates, bevelled edges, completed with a mechanical movement created in house and on site.

The art of German watchmaking is being kept alive as in 2002, the brand opened a new school to welcome the next generation of Glashütte watchmakers and so ensuring Glashütte Original remains a truly inspirational brand for years to come.

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