Born in 1960
Origin UK
Prices from £18,000
Famous for  In its collection The Constellation, at 102.79 carats, is the largest, round shaped, D colour, internally flawless diamond ever to be graded

Founded in 1960 by Laurence Graff, Graff is said to have handled more diamonds of notable rarity and beauty than any other jeweller. Starting as a jewellery apprentice in London, this is where Graff chose to open his first store, focusing on exquisite diamond jewellery this is where he carved out his niche.

In 2008 the Graff Luxury Watch Division launched with five collections; Technical, Sport, Dress, Jewelled and bespoke. The watches mirrored the Graff jewellery, with each model reflecting some serious grandeur and allure. Inspired by a perfectly cut diamond, the Graff watch collections are crafted in Geneva, and perfectly combine the highest levels of Swiss horology with Graff’s unrivalled gem-setting.

Graff is the by-line in luxury timepieces, with each model designed to a super-deluxe standard. Often encrusted with diamonds, you may wish to exercise caution when examining the price tag! Available through the brand’s global network of boutiques, of which there are just two in the UK (on London’s Bond and Sloane Streets). Don’t cast Graff off as a glamour piece alone however– the company is taking watchmaking very seriously, and has produced some highly advanced technical watches, including a flying tourbillon watch that’s a slithersome 6.95mm thick.

Did You Know?
Talking luxury expense, the Graff Pink diamond was acquired for just under £29million!

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