Denim watches are a love or hate prospect, however if you’re in the former camp then this Guess Denim number ticks all the boxes, even if it does look rather like a certain watch brand that begins with H and ends in lot…

Guess Denim watch

Guess probably doesn’t get the recognition it deserves when it comes to its watches. Maybe it’s because it isn’t Swiss made, which can make people a bit snooty, or maybe it’s because it doesn’t shout about them enough or because it has only been making watches since 2007. Whatever the reason, when it comes to making a fashion statement Guess just can’t be beaten.

Especially when talking about denim. Guess should know what to do with denim – in the 1980s it was the most popular brand of jean. It is rumoured that it was so popular Michael J Fox wore specially designed Guess denim while playing Marty McFly in Back to the Future.

So it is not surprising that this Guess Denim watch is 100% cool.

At first glance

Guess Denim watch

There’s a lot of denim. The dial is denim as is the strap, which might be a little too much for some. The chuck rose-gold plate and steel bezel break up the double denim somewhat, however the crystals on the bezel and dial seem to add to a slightly OTT feeling.

Up close and personal

Guess denim watch

If you don’t like blue or, indeed, denim, then this really isn’t the watch for you. As denim watches go though, it’s one of the best. For starters, this is actual jean fabric on the strap, not an effect, which gives it a really robust, hard-wearing, almost industrial feel, further emphasised by the chunky rose-gold bezel and stainless steel case.

At first, this looks like a chronograph, however, the subdials are actually for day and date, with the former represented by the left subdial and the latter by the right. For a fashion quartz, there is a good weight to it.

The double diamond, well, crystal, on the bezel and dial is a little too much for me. It might have been better if the rectangles on the bezel had been thinner, but then anything smaller would be dwarfed.  And the design, well that appears to be inspired by a certain luxury Swiss brand beginning with H…

On the wrist

Guess denim watch

Despite looking rather chunky off the wrist, on it doesn’t look too hefty and, in fact, actually looks more delicate when worn with rose gold which is an excellent colour for warming the skin tone. The strap is a little stiff at first but, like all good denim, it gets better with age.

  • Guess knows its denim, so if you’re in the market for a denim watch then this is for you
  • It looks better on than off with the case seeming less chunky
  • Excellent price point
  • Having crystals on the bezel and dial is just too much
  • The design is a little, shall we say, derivative

RRP: £149.00

Buy Now: H Samuel


Style: Fashion
Colour:       Blue 
Watch Movement:  Quartz
Functions:    Hours, minutes, seconds, day, date
Case shape:         Round
Case material:      PVD-coated steel
Case width:  39mm
Glass:        Crystal
Dial colour:               Black
Strap type:   Denim and leather
Clasp: Traditional buckle fastening
Water resistance:     30 metres
Manufacturer warranty:   2 Years
Model Reference:   1384554
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