You may be smitten with the latest diamond and gemstone encrusted high jewellery creation, but actually buying it is an impossible task. Can a high jewellery watch ever be affordable? We give our honest opinion here…

Unfortunately jewellery watches, by their very nature, are not things that can be made at affordable prices.

They are showcases for the best high jewellery houses can produce in terms of stone quality and setting skills. When you consider some of the work that goes into jewellery watches from maisons such as Piaget, Graff, Breguet, Chanel or Chopard, there is just no way they can be as spectacular and yet sell for what people would term a “reasonable price”.

Go Vintage

However, all is not lost. While these watches will fetch tens or hundreds of thousands, by going vintage, you may be able to find something that maybe isn’t as spectacular, in terms of design, but that has still been made using beautiful stones and some pretty amazing stone-setting skills.

Know who you are buying from

A word of caution, if you are going the vintage route – make sure you know who you are buying from. Auctioneers aren’t covered by the Sale of Goods and Trades Description Acts, so descriptions in auction catalogues are viewed as the auctioneer’s opinion rather than as fact.

Ask questions

Look for vendors who are part of Lapada (The Association of Art and Antiques Dealers), such as Anthony Green in the London Silver Vaults, just off Chancery Lane, because they have standards to which members have to abide. If in doubt, ask lots of questions and do your research.

Happy shopping!

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