Nobody puts Eve’s Watch readers in the corner! With our fool proof phonetic guide to pronouncing some of the trickier watch brand names you can talk with the confidence of a connoisseur.

A. Lange & Söhne – A LANG-eh unt ZURN-neh

Audemars Piguet – AWE-de-marr PEE-gay

Baume et Mercier – BOWM and MURSE – ee – ay

Bédat & Co – BAY-dah

Blancpain – BLONK (take it easy on the K) Pan

Boccia – BOSH-ia

Bovet – BO-vay

Breguet – BREH-gay

Breitling – BRITE-ling

Bulova – BULL-uh-vuh

BVLGARI – BUL-gar-ree

Bremont – BREH-mon

Cartier – KAR-tee-ay

Chopard – Show-PARD

Corum – KOR-um

Cuervo y Sobrinos – KWER-vo-ee-so BREE-nos

De Bethune – deh-bet-OON

EBEL – ay-ble

EdyPoi – Eddie-Poy

Franck Müller – FRAHNK MUHL-lur

Frederique Constant – FRED-ur-eek Con-STONT

Girard Perregaux – Jir-ard Pair-ay-go

Glashutte Original – Glass-HOOT-uh

Glycine – GLY-Seen

Hublot – HEW-blow

Jaeger LeCoultre – Yay-GER le COOL-tre

Longines – LAWN-jeen

Louis Vuitton – Louee Vwee-ton

Maurice Lacroix – LAH – KWAH

MeisterSinger – MY-ster Singer

Montblanc – MONT BLONK

Movado – Muh-VAH-doe

Nomos Glashutte – Nom-os Glass-HOOT-uh

Nooka – NOO-ka

Omega – Oh-me-guh

Officine Panerai – Off-ih-SEEne Pan-er-rye

Parmigiani Fleurier – Parm-ih-ZHAH-nee FLUR-ee-ay

Patek Phillippe – pa-TEK fee-leep

Perrelet – PAIR-eh-lay

Piaget – Pee-ah-zhay

Rado – RAH doe

Raymond Weil – Veil

Richard Mille – REE-shard MEEHL

Sinn – Zin

TAG Heuer – TAG HOI-ur

Tissot – TEE-so

Ulysse Nardin – you-LEESE Nahr-DAN (the last syllable is spoken with a short a – to sound a bit like the French word Vin)

Vacheron Constantin – VASH-er-on CON-stan-Tan (again sounds like Vin)

Victorinox – Vick-TOR-ih-nox

Zenith – ZEH-nith

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