To the uninformed, they may naively perceive a watch merely displays time. However, a watch is a form of ticking art, conveying beauty and reflecting the character of its fortunate wearer

Being a larger than life northern chap, those who do not know me, may well be under the misapprehension that I am unaware of my feminine side. However, they would be mistaken. Unlike several of my peers, I can appreciate a skirt cut on the bias. I can often be found thumbing the pages of Vogue holding a cup of Earl Grey with a couple of stem ginger biscuits adorning my fine China saucer. I think my passion for couture began when I studied textiles at school and created the odd garment to fill my wardrobe. I still recall operating a Bernina sewing machine in Mrs Garrett’s classroom. Sadly, I lacked the talent to be an accomplished tailor or fashion designer, but I could always appreciate talent in others. The same could be said about wristwatches.

I lack the necessary fine motor-skills to spend inordinate amounts of time polishing a minuscule component to a mirror-like finish. I do not possess the psychological traits necessary to spend hours engraving a component, knowing one slip of a wayward hand, could render days of work to the recycling bin that ominously waits in the corner of the room waiting to be fed. Watches have always been something close to my heart. To the uninformed, they may naively perceive a watch merely displays time. However, a watch is a form of ticking art, conveying beauty and reflecting the character of its fortunate wearer. A virtuous timepiece can range from the readily accessible to the elusively expensive. A prudent purchase will continue to impart pleasure for years to come and complement a couture ensemble perfectly.

I regularly select watches for my wife and do not struggle to empathise with the needs of a feminine audience as I write editorial for websites and publications around the globe, often waxing-lyrical about a ladies timepiece.

If I were a woman I would wear…

Chopard Happy Sport Medium Automatic

In 1993, Caroline Scheufele, Artistic Director and Co-President of Chopard, conceived Happy Sport. The watch featured a dial where diamonds freely float above the hands of time. The illusion is created by employing an invisible cavity between two panes of sapphire crystal. The diamonds, often framed in gold, are able to freely move, dancing around the dial with spirited joy.

This year, a gorgeous self-winding version was released with über-luxurious gold bracelet. It is born to trip the light fantastic, sparkling below the glitter ball but with a virtuous movement powering its elegant hands.


£6,100.00 (ref: 274808-5002) from Chopard, The Watch Gallery, Watches of Switzerland

Audemars Piguet Extra-Thin Self-Winding Royal Oak

Arguably the greatest watch designer of the 20th century, Gérald Genta, penned a revolutionary watch design in 1972. It has subsequently become an icon and is loved by men and women alike. Audemars Piguet are renowned for high quality timepieces and make incredibly complex watches. Moreover, they make models designed specifically for female wearers. However, this particular timepiece shares much in common with the original stainless steel model which took the world by storm.

Personally, I think the stainless steel model with blue dial is effortlessly elegant and having seen it grace the wrist of some particularly glamorous ladies, feel it oozes sex appeal from every facet of its octagonal bezel. It is a highly versatile watch, complementing jeans or chinos as well as a business suit or evening dress. It says you choose not to follow the pack by selecting a ladies watch and you are confident in your choices. This is a must have watch.

£16,000.00 (ref: 15202ST.OO.1240ST.01) in stainless steel from Audemars Piguet, The Watch Gallery, Watches of Switzerland

Baume et Mercier Linea

I personally would always prefer to own a mechanical wristwatch which contains a myriad of components industriously working together to deliver the time. But, I accept that for some, quartz watches offer convenience. Furthermore, the aesthetic appearance for some buyers is the sole raison d’être for selection. Baume & Mercier offer a superb a range of mechanical watches within their Linea family. However, one quartz variant, launched earlier this year, caught my eye. The Linea is available with brightly coloured interchangeable straps. A quick release system means the otherwise secure straps can be changed tout suite without the need for fiddly tools or broken nails.

The prospect of matching straps to one’s outfit does appeal. Moreover, an orange lamb’s leather strap, revealed to assembled journalists back in January 2013, looked gorgeous. It encouraged hands to cosset and fondle its super-soft woven texture.

Another strap, which is particularly attractive, is the light brown double wrap-around calfskin version. This would perfectly match brown leather knee-length boots on a winter’s day. The versatility of the interchangeable strap system means you can manipulate the appearance of your trusted timepiece to suit the season, mood or social event. Those wishing to wear a ball-gown at the New Year’s bash will particularly like the black satin strap. Round off your ensemble with the Linea and a decadent pair of dangling diamond earrings. There can be few more stylish ways to embrace the 1st of January.

£1,420.00 (ref: 10115) from Baume & Mercier, The Watch Gallery, Watches of Switzerland

Parmigiani Fleurier Bugatti Atalante Flyback Chronograph

Bugatti is arguably one of the most luxurious brand names. The car marque was famous for producing cars which proved to be even beyond the financial grasp of kings. In modern times, the Veyron has become coveted by many alpha-males with its warp speed performance.

This particular watch features a stopwatch function. However, unlike a regular stopwatch, it is equipped with a flyback allowing the wearer to stop, reset and restart the chronograph hand in one stage. Ideal for recording lap times. It comes in a deliciously feminine 18-carat rose gold case, expertly set with exquisite diamonds. Make a statement with this high-performance piece of glamour.

£37,590.00 (ref: PFC329-1060700-HC2422) from Parmigiani Fleurier, Harrods, Selfridges


Embrace the mod within, with this fun self-winding watch from British company IWI. The roundel will elicit a patriotic pride, moreover, the fact that it is made in Britain should be celebrated. Yes, it contains a Swiss movement but there is much value added here in Blighty.

IWI are watches for true racers and the watch can be seen on the wrists of several up and coming talents in motorsport. But, it is the aesthetics which justifies its inclusion in this list. The various hues depicted on the dial will provide several opportunities to co-ordinate with your wardrobe. Furthermore, the crown located at noon, adds more interest and distinguishes this watch as a breath of fresh air.

£2,500.00 (ref: SM444) from IWI Watches

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