Born in 2006
Origin UK
Prices from £2,500
Famous for  British through and through. Each watch is hand built, finished and tested by a master watchmaker

Founded in 2006, IWI, named in honour of founder watchmaker Ian Walsh’s talent and echoing the great and historic names of the past where watchmaker’s initials or names were used, is definitively a British company.

IWI Watches are individually handmade from perfectly engineered parts, in house, in England. Inspired by England’s three hundred years of watchmaking history, leading the world with creativity, passion and industrial brilliance, IWI is born from the passion for English watches, a love of English craftsmanship and with a commitment to the best of British engineering and quality.

With the crown proudly positioned at 12 o’clock and with its classic dial, IWI pay homage to the purity of watch design, celebrating the beauty and precision of both the pocket watch and stop watch.

Every watch case is individually numbered and available in stainless steel, gold, rose gold and other precious metals which are all hand finished with pride. The renaissance of English watchmaking is safe in the hands of IWI and its redefinition of modern classics, combining all the finest materials, best components and British spirit.

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