Born in 1989
Origin USA
Prices from £280
Famous for  Its watch hands and markers contain tritium which provides long-term luminescence. They shine brighter then any other watch brand

Founded by two entrepreneurs in 1989, Swiss Made Luminox is the original self-powered illumination system watch brand. Famous for its timepieces that glow 100 times brighter than any other watch, it is clear to see why, with its superior readability and robust designs, Luminox has been adopted for military and law enforcement use. Tough, powerful and accurate, the high-performance collection of watches is the ultimate night vision gear for serious athletes, rugged outdoorsmen/women and other peak performers. Luminox has relationships with the US Navy SEALS and US Air Force and boasts some of the most robust and reliable diving and chronograph timepieces in the world. Handsome styling, comfortable fit, free from unnecessary gilding and decorating and packed with features, Luminox has a phenomenal global fan-base beyond the organisations for which it founded its designs.

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