Here at Eve’s Watch HQ we get our hands on some truly sensational watches, but every now and then some of them are so good we just can’t bear to give them back…

Owning a beautiful luxury watch is an aspiration for most of us, but when it comes to fulfilling this purchasing dream, what watch should you choose to spend your hard-earned money on?

This is undoubtedly one of the hardest decisions a watch aficionado will make, which is why we dedicate our time at Eve’s Watch to reviewing, road-testing and debating the merits of luxury timepieces before you reach for the credit card.

In case you’re ready to splash out this summer, here are five watches that we loved so much we struggled to give them back…

The Rolex Cellini

Forget the sporty aesthetic of the Rolex Oyster or Submariner, because this Cellini has all the markers of an old school dress watch. It’s black dial and 39mm white gold case is beautifully elegant, making it the ideal choice for a little black dress.

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The Slim D’Hermès

There’s something pure and timeless about this design, which was created by Hermes in collaboration with Paris-based graphic designer Philippe Apeloig. We love the Art Deco feel to this piece, and the fact that it comes in 32mm and 25mm case sizes to suit different wrist sizes.

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The Montblanc Bohème Moongarden

When this arrived at Eve’s Watch HQ we immediately called it ‘sophisticated but special’ because of the plethora of interesting details. Take for example the small onion crown, rarely seen on women’s designs, and the two apertures for the phases of the moon and the months. Our favourite element of this watch has to be the way months of the year are poetically titled ‘Rose Moon’, ‘Hunter Moon’ and so on, linking back to the names given to the yearly phases of the moon by our ancestors.

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The Patek Philippe Ladies First Chronograph

Back in 2010, before anyone else seemed to care about making beautiful women’s watches, Patek Philippe launched its Ladies First Chronograph. Not only was it a feminine watch, but it also had a useful complication and a brand-new calibre to boot. The 7071R, as it is catchily known, still stands out to the Eve’s Watch team five years later.

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The Bulgari Lvcea

Bulgari first unveiled its Lvcea timepiece at Baselworld in 2014, and it’s safe to say it caused a little bit of a stir. The bracelet strap has all the scale-like qualities of the brand’s iconic Serpenti design, but it has a more laid-back and pomp-free stainless steel finish than one would expect for such an iconic jewellery house. Unlike the shimmering Patek, this is one you could wear with jeans and a t-shirt.

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The Cartier Tank Anglaise

As the name ‘Tank’ suggests, the origins of this Cartier watch lies firmly in the military. Thankfully, the piece has gone through many incarnations in the past 100 years, including this feminine Anglaise model. We love the bold Roman numberal dial, sword-shaped blued steel hands and trademark sapphire cabochon.

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The Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Lady

Jaeger-LeCoultre is known as one of the four ‘old ladies’ of horology, which means you can almost guarantee a beautiful watch at every stage of the brand’s history. The Reverso Lady is certainly no exception thanks to its stainless steel case, silvered face and vibrant flame-blue accents. Aside from its appearance, the leading feature of this timepiece is the reversible 7.2mm case, allowing the wearer to add their own sentimental engraving. Ours will undoubtedly say ‘gift to me’.

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