As the old adage goes you dress for the job you want rather than the one you have. However, when it comes to watches, there is a lot of sense in making sure it matches your working life. And, thanks to the growing number of complicated watches aimed squarely at women, there are now more functions than ever to suit your job’s needs.

We’ve taken six of the most popular jobs for women, from a list created by Forbes, and matched a luxury watch to their particular idiosyncrasies.

The PR

This is not so much about what the watch does, but how it looks. This is a job that demands a timepiece that says you know something about watches, a name that perhaps not many people have heard of. That said you can’t wear something too ostentatious for fear your clients think you’re spending their marketing budgets on growing your watch wardrobe rather than their column inches. Which is why this Chaumet Liens (RRP: POA) is perfect. It is subtly expensive and not an instantly recognisable name.

Chaumet Liens Watch


The doctor

There is still an element of sexism in the healthcare profession that sees all men as doctors and all women as nurses. With that in mind you want a watch that isn’t overtly feminine for fear of compounding stereotypes. However, you don’t want to opt for something so pumped full of testosterone that you look like you’re over compensating. This Montblanc Meisterstück Heritage Pulsograph(RRP: £157,000) fits the bill perfectly. And, handily, it also has a pulsograph – a scale which allows a doctor to take a patient’s pulse. The chronograph seconds hand is started and, after 30 heart beats, is stopped. The figure on the pulsograph scale to which the hand is pointing is the patient’s pulse. Handy, non?

Montblanc Meisterstuck Heritage Pulsographe watch

The chief executive

Juggling is the key to this job. As is travelling. And if you’re constantly away on business you need a simple way of knowing what time it is at home. There are some world timers out there that need a separate manual just to work out how to operate them and, unless you really need to know the time in Kiev,Tokyo and Bangkok simultaneously, you really won’t use that function. That is why this Jaquet Droz Grande Heure GMT (RRP: POA) is a simple yet elegant solution.

Jaquet Droz Grande Heure GMT watch

The psychiatrist

You really need to be a good listener in order to do this job. However, the hour length of your patients’ sessions cannot be overrun. Just think of the backlog that could cause. You can’t keep looking at a clock, even surreptitiously, for fear of appearing rude. So what do you do? Simple. You buy a minute repeater. Or to be precise this Blancpain Minute Repeater (RRP: POA). Discreetly activate and listen to the chimes to discern how long you’ve got to listen to another person drone on about their ‘mother issues’.

Blancpain minute repeater watch

The lawyer

Being constantly on the clock can get rather exhausting, not to mention tedious. Weekends are the only time you can escape the tyranny of those two hands moving around the dial, which is why you need this Hermes Temps Suspendu (RRP: £12,900). As the name suggests, this watch has a function that allows you to suspend time. Push the button at 9 o’clock and the two hands move to become a “V” at 12 o’clock so you can’t tell the time. Cleverly, the movement is still working underneath so when the alarm goes off on Monday morning, simply push the button again and the time snaps back.

Hermes Temps Suspendu P

The personal trainer

Want to keep track of your trainee’s appalling lap times? Need to time how long they last on the rowing machine before they collapse in a puddle of sweat? Want something chunky but still with a few stones on it in a rather fabulous colour. Then you need a chronograph. And not just any chronograph – this Hublot Big Bang Pop Art (RRP: £17,400). It’s just so much fun, you can’t help but smile when you look at it. Which is more than you can say for the horrendous time of that last lap of the park.

Hublot Big Bang watch

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