Finding affordable jewellery that lasted more than a day used to be impossible, that was until the brands took over the high street. We pick our favourite names you’ll be able to splurge on without breaking the bank

Thomas Sabo jewellery

Georgia May Jagger modelling the ear jacket, this season’s must-have aural decoration

Jewellery used to be a game of two very disparate halves. You either bought proper jewellery ­– the sorts of pieces that cost a fair amount of money and were only bought for special occasions (otherwise known as Fridays if you happened to be married to an oligarch). Or you bought something that fell under the umbrella term “costume”, which usually wasn’t that well made and made your skin go green.

Oh, how times have changed. You can now walk down the high street and see any manner of brands that offer jewellery that is fantastically well made, reasonably priced and won’t turn your skin the colour of a pantomime ogre. And did we mention it looks great as well?

Not convinced? Well here are five brands with their super stylish takes on this season’s trends.

Thomas Sabo

Thomas Sabo jewellery

Punk pearls and ear jackets are Thomas Sabo’s A/W must-buys

If Pandora had the pretty, elegant side of the branded jewellery market covered. It was Thomas Sabo that occupied the edgier side of the fence. It is still more rock n’roll than its Danish neighbour and this season has come out with the most 2015 piece of jewellery. Ladies, welcome to the ear jacket. It hangs from one stud behind the ear with the design sitting just below the lobe. It’s the next step on from the ear cuff and the only thing to be see wearing this season.

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Pandora jewellery modelled by Tess Daly

Tess Daly shows how to style Pandora’s new collections

One of the brands credited with kickstarting the well-made, affordable jewellery revolution, Pandora has managed to move away from the charm bracelets that made it famous and started to create pieces that have more appeal and longevity.

This season, it has been extremely clever and got Tess Daly on board as ambassador. For Autumn/Winter, Pandora has gone for a playful and pretty yet sophisticated feel, with feathers, roses and tiny bejewelled bows.

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Sif Jakobs

Sif Jakobs jewellery

Sif Jakobs is perfect for punk princesses of any age

If you’re a “leather jacket and jeans” person but still want jewellery that is more grownup than grunge, then you need to purchase some Sif Jakobs. Created by the Icelandic woman that has given the company her name, she created her jewellery as a way of adding a little luxury to everyday life.

There is a punk aesthetic to her pieces, which definitely taps into this season’s feel of rebellion, however, they have enough elegance about them to look good long after this season is over.

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Swarovski jewellery

Swarovski isn’t always about the delicate details

You may think you know Swarovski – it supplies crystals, makes delicate little trinkets? Not quite. For years now Swarovski has been turning heads with its seasonal collections that owe more to high fashion than the high street. These fabulous pieces are no exception. Part of its Winter Gardens line, from the Dazzling offshoot, these are dynamic designs that are not for those who do delicate. And we absolutely love them.

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V Jewellery

V Jewellery

V Jewellery brings vintage in the 21st century

This UK Jewellery Award-winning brand was born out of its creator’s inability to find vintage jewellery that didn’t cost the same as a small country estate. Laura Vann – which is where V gets its letter from – also wanted something that was made as well as the pieces she was coveting.

Unable to find what she wanted she decided to create it herself. That doesn’t mean that this is simply a homage to the past, as these fantastic lobe earrings show, V Jewellery drags the past into the 21st century.

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