Born in 2007
Origin UK
Prices from £95
Famous for  The alternative London label is helping a generation re-learn how to tell the time

London’s Crispin Jones is the vision behind Mr Jones Watches and his goal is to create watches that are playful, interesting and entirely non-traditional – one of the brand’s first watches had a square face that alternated the time, displayed on an LCD screen, with the message “Remember You Will Die”. It sold out in record time.

It is little wonder that the former sculptor who studied at the Royal College of Art is fast becoming known for bringing something unique to the world of horology.

“The generation under 40 have grown up without wearing watches so people respond to watches in a way they didn’t 50 years ago when they wanted something functional,” says Jones.  “Now people can relearn telling the time, as long as it is consistent.”

Did You Know?  Crispin Jones collaborated with comedian Adrian Willard to create the brand’s current bestselling lines “Last Laugh” and “Last Laugh Tattoo”, two watches that have skulls on the dial. “A comedian has a very finely grained sense of time,” Mr. Jones said. “Slightly too long on a punch line can really kill a joke.

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