Nomos is cool. Fact. With its design studio in the achingly hip East Berlin – think clean lines and a modern, practical aesthetic. This watch is just the right side of unusual

Nomos is cool. Fact. It is also quintessentially German. It was set up in 1990, just two months after the fall of the Berlin wall and its designs draw noticeably from the Bauhaus style – think clean lines and a modern, practical aesthetic. Nomos’ watchmaking facilities are in Glashütte but, in order to stay cool and relevant, its design studio is in the achingly hip East Berlin. The other reason to love Nomos is because since 2005 it has only used in-house built movements, which is a major achievement for such a relatively young brand.

Nomos Tetra Kleene

At first glance

This is part of the brand’s Tetra collection, which means it’s square. Sounds like an odd thing to say but how many square watches have you seen? The other thing you notice is the gorgeous turquoise dial. It’s a rather unusual shade, which isn’t a shock because Nomos are fanatical about colour. There is one man at its design studio though who is obsessed with grey. It also has a lovely velour grey leather strap too!

Up close and personal

Nomos Tetra Kleene

One feature to note is the small circle of gold on the dial, which indicates when the wearer needs to wind the watch. When the disc is fully gold the watch is fully wound, if there is more turquoise than gold then you are running dangerously low on power and it needs a wind.

This watch also contains the brand’s new swing system, which is Nomos’ version of an escapement. You may be thinking ‘big deal’ but most brands don’t bother to do this, they just buy them in. With the decision to invest seven years of research into this, Nomos is a brand that wants to be taken seriously. And, more importantly, in makes them self-sufficient. Then there’s the price – you get all this in-house know-how for just £1,850. Genius!

On the wrist

Nomos Tetra Kleene

With the sapphire caseback you can also see the wonderful hand-wound movement inside. This watch makes everyone’s wrist look great. Not sure how but it does. The square case fits perfectly between the two wrist bones, the turquoise colour suits every skin tone and it is just the right side of unusual.

If you want to know more about Nomos you can read all about it here.

  • The square case
  • The turquoise dial
  • The Swing System
  • The price
  • The only moans you’ll get about this will be from your other half because he won’t be able to borrow it


RRP: £1,850

Buy Now: Nomos Glashütte


Style: Luxury
Colour: Turquoise and Silver
Watch movement: Mechanical DUW 4301 Caliber
Functions: Hours, Minutes, Seconds
Case shape: Square
Case material: Stainless Steel
Case width: 29.5mm
Glass: Sapphire Crystal
Dial colour: Turquoise
Strap type: Velour Grey Leather Strap
Clasp: Stainless steel 
Water resistance: 3 atm
Manufacturer warranty: Two years
Model reference: 34924
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