Ollie Proudlock is the modern day dandy. Known for his cool, calm charisma and handsome good looks – we like to call him the aspirational boy-next-door. Making the ‘mun’ a sort-after fashion statement and bringing back the Buddy Holly inspired eyewear, Ollie has become a style icon.

We spoke to him about his future plans, fashion followers and of course his choice of wristwear.

Made In Chelsea has been a huge platform for you – what have been the highs and lows of the show for you?

I have met some amazing people through the show, and have experienced something I never thought I would ever do along with some of my closest mates, they have been my highs. And lows, touch-wood up until this point I think I have been lucky enough that there aren’t any proper lows that come to mind.

As someone with great style, who or what is the inspiration behind your wardrobe?

I am inspired by my immediate surroundings, and my three creative channels music, art and fashion. In terms of individuals I have 3 style icons, Ralph Lauren, Johnny Depp, and Pharrell Williams.

What are your plans for the future of Proudlock Style?

I look to develop it beyond just a style blog. This year I plan to launch it as an online men’s retailer, focusing on young up and coming designers, acting as a platform for emerging talent.

What is your favourite element of running your own fashion label, Serge De Nimes?

I love the fact that it is mine, therefore it gives me the flexibility to follow my own instincts and create what I believe in. It is of course stressful at times having your own business, but when things come off and people give a positive response to your creations there are not many better feelings than that.

Any exciting plans you can let us in on for Serge De Nimes?

Without spoiling too much we have some exciting collaborations coming up this year, and plan to focus more on our wholesale pushing the brand here in the UK as well as the rest of the world. Our product range will be expanding and will include more denim.

What is the biggest lesson you have learnt or been taught in life?

That nothing is easy. Reward comes from a lot of hard work. In order to be a success you cannot just love what you do but live it.

What watch/accessories are you wearing right now?

I am wearing my favourite silver, Mondaine Evo watch, accompanied by Serge DeNimes rings and our padlock necklace.

What one item in your wardrobe could you not live without?

My Nike air max 1s.

In your opinion, what works and doesn’t work in women’s fashion?

This is hard to answer. For me it is very much dependent upon the individual who is wearing it. I think women who dress to their body type look the best. There is no one person who can wear every trend – style is about making what’s available work for you.

Can you describe your perfect Sunday afternoon in 5 words?

Church, roast, movie, bath, sleep.

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