After five days pounding the halls of the Messeplatz clocking up over a half century of appointments between us, we’ve come back completely exhausted but very excited about what will hit the stores later on this year.

Our full report of the show will be out next week – 50-odd press kits takes a lot of wading through – but for each member of the Eve’s Watch team has selected their one “Desert Island” pick from the entire show.


Larissa Trew (publisher) – The Fendi Glamy

Fendi watch

This might not be the most horological watch I saw but for the pure fun of it, my pick has to be the Fendi Glamy. The fur collar is removable so you can wear the watch in a more sedate fashion during the day, however, I’m not sure why you’d want to do that. The watches come in a variety of colours as do the Arctic-fox fur attachments, so you can have one to match every outfit.

I know I’m only allowed one watch pick, but, I have to mention Chanel as well. In terms of an overall experience, it was absolutely beautiful. The watches were incredible as per usual, but it was the way in which the stand felt apart from the bustle of Basel and like you were stepping into the world of the brand that made you feel like you were experiencing something special.

Laura McCreddie (editor) – Dior VIII Grand Bal Envol

Dior watch

I’ve always loved these watches. They are a perfect example of why creating beautiful watches for women doesn’t mean eschewing mechanical innovation. Known as the Calibre Inverse, it has a rotor on the front of the dial, which is said to mimic the swish of a Dior ballgown’s skirt.

These watches always have breathtakingly decorated rotors and dials, but this time Dior has really excelled itself. The shimmering, three-dimensional effect on this dial is achieved by using scarab-beetle wings, which Dior discovered three years ago but had no reason to use until Raf Simons incorporated metallics into his clothes.

It an absolutely incredible conflation of exquisite design and proper watchmaking. Superlatives just don’t do it justice.

Jane Trew (associate publisher) – Nomos Metro Datum 38mm

Nomos watch

I just love Nomos. I honestly think that if it were a person, it would be my ideal man… Every watch is so cool and well designed, I could easily buy them all. However, I’ve been told I can only pick one so, for this year at least, I’m going for the Metro Datum 38mm.

It is slightly bigger than the last version of the Metro, which a lot of people said was too small. Being Nomos, it hasn’t just added a couple of extra millimetres and left the rest as it. The power reserve has gone, which makes the dial look cleaner and it now contains its new Swing System, which was launched at Basel last year.

It is such a wonderful example of the no-frills, Bauhaus look, Nomos is famous for and it has won me over. Well, for the moment anyway. Who knows what new Nomos will claim my affections next year?

Lucy Page (roving reporter) – Stephen Webster Pheasant Collection

Stephen Webster ring

This was my first Basel, so I was a bit overwhelmed by the amount of watches on display, which is why I’ve chosen jewellery as my top pick of the show.

This beautiful pheasant-inspired collection proved to be very popular last season, so much so that Stephen Webster has continued to develop the range for 2015. Opals, rubies, sapphires come together to outline feather silhouettes dipped in black diamonds, presenting a unique collection of statement rings, earrings, ear cuffs, necklaces and bracelets. My favourite in particular is the simple pave diamond cocktail ring. Just gorgeous.

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