Born in 1839
Origin Switzerland
Prices from £6,000 upwards
Famous for  The Henry Graves Supercomplication, which sold at Sotheby’s Geneva for CHF 23.2 million (£15.3 million) in 2014. It was commissioned in 1925 by US banker Henry Graves, who demanded Patek make him the most complicated watch ever made

According to its clever advertising slogan: “You never actually own a Patek Philippe; you just look after it for the next generation”. Within those 16 words is summed up the longevity, desirability and heritage that make Patek the untouchable brand it is today.

The Swiss giant is the world’s oldest watchmaker, widely acknowledged for their exemplar watchmaking and clean, timeless designs.

Independence, tradition, innovation, quality and craftsmanship are among the fundamental values of the Genevan watchmaker. What it doesn’t know about watchmaking simply isn’t worth knowing and the company is proud to own impressive repertoire of more than 80 patents.

But don’t think innovation equals over-complication, the firm strives for simplicity and is known for the pared-back elegance of its design as can be seen by the Calatrava, Patek Philippe’s signature model, in rose gold with hidden dust-cover (above).

In 2009 Patek Philippe launched its proprietary quality label for mechanical watches. The ‘Patek Philippe Seal’ attests to the utmost quality of its timepieces, far above and beyond official standards, by integrating all competencies and features of relevance in manufacturing, precision and lifelong maintenance.

Did You Know?  On 1 May 2014, Patek Philippe celebrated 175 years of watchmaking, which will be celebrated with Grand Exhibition from May 27 – June 7 at the Saatchi Gallery in London.

Brand Friends: Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy wore his white gold Patek Philippe Triple Date Perpetual Calendar, Reference 3940 during his presidency. Queen Victoria and Prince Albert were also supplied watches by Patek Philippe. The Queen also acquired a key-wound Patek Philippe pendant-style watch during the Great Exhibition of London in 1851.


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