Born in 1975
Origin Finland
Prices from £46.50
Famous for  Stylish wireless heart rate monitor and activity tracker

Polar’s new smart bracelet is the first to combine activity tracking with heart rate monitoring to guide users to a more active and healthy lifestyle.

The ‘Polar Loop’ bracelet tracks daily activity and exercise levels, monitors sleep patterns, gives instant motivational feedback and provides alerts to help users achieve personalised daily activity goals.

Combined with Polar Flow, a free online tracking service and app for iPhone that automatically syncs via Bluetooth® Smart, Polar Loop provides smart guidance on how to improve health and wellbeing by making small changes in daily activity. Designed to be worn 24 hours a day, Polar Loop is waterproof and accurately captures all movement and exercise and distinguishes between various levels of activity.

The brand is the pioneer of heart rate training, with an abundance of expertise and key features to help add intelligence to training and make workouts more effective.

Did You Know? The idea for a portable heart rate monitor and activity tracker ‘all in one’ came to Polar’s founders whilst they were skiing in Finland.

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