Born in 2009
Origin Belgium
Prices from £10,000
Famous for  For reinterpreting how to read time

Founded in 2009 by Benoit Mintiens, Belgium watch brand RESSENCE brings a contemporary progressive depiction of time based on the universal traditional cognitive patterns of time reading. An assimilation of renaissance and essence, RESSENCE, is the rebirth of what is essential to a watch in displaying time.  The brand’s logo is a hand reaching out which represents a universal symbol of humanism and on a product level accentuates their avant-garde design of eliminating traditional hands of the dial.

Its RESSENCE Type 3 further challenges the dogma of watchmaking with its liquid filled crownless dome case retracting light like air to seemly project the dial on the crystal as if onto a screen.  Its intention is to create a tangible feeling of being able to touch time itself. Across the board, RESSENCE watch design for men and women is characterised by purity, minimalism and innovation.

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