Born in 1888
Origin Switzerland
Prices from £185
Famous for  Patented the first Anfibio watertight watch case, which started the trend for waterproof watches

In 1888, Fritz Meyer and half a dozen employees, opened a small watch workshop in Solothurn, Switzerland producing highly precise and reliable MST watch movements, which became more and more desirable. By 1923, the brand turned its focus to watchmaking, allowing them to control the quality of the Roamer product and gaining the ‘Swiss Made’ seal of approval.

For generations, Roamer timepieces have acquired a worldwide reputation for exceptional endurance and reliability without compromising on elegance and attention to detail. A synthesis of traditional values and modern innovations, the Roamer collections offers watch styles to suit both men and women. From oversized chronographs in the Rockshell Mark III Chrono range, to delicate and stylised timepieces in the Ceraline and Dreamline ranges. Roamer is keeping the ‘Swiss Made’ promise of prestigious and high quality watches for aspiring and extraordinary individuals.

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