Born in 2001
Origin UK
Prices from Bespoke commissions
Famous for  The single most respected British watch maker of the 21st Century!

A master of the ‘Daniels Method’, Roger W Smith started his watchmaking career at the Manchester School of Horology where in 1987 he was introduced to Dr George Daniels, a man widely regarded as the greatest watchmaker of his time. Roger later became apprentice to Daniels, taking up residence in the Isle of Man determined to learn the thirty-two of the thirty-four skills required to hand make a mechanical watch in its entirety. Daniels deemed Smith worthy to pass on his skills and the pair worked together to create the famed Daniels Millennium watch series.

In 2001, Roger W Smith set up his own studio and began producing his first collection of watches, the Series 1. Following in 2006, came the remarkable Series 2, which included the Daniels co-axial escapement – the most technically advanced for 250 years. Making just 10 timepieces a year, each watch is a mechanical masterpiece and as such are highly coveted. Having complete control over the watchmaking process, Smith’s workshop offers bespoke one-off watches, however the current waiting list for a unique commission is 8 years!

Following the death of his mentor, Dr George Daniels in 2011, Roger W Smith incorporated the Daniels workshop into his own, continuing the finest traditions of English watchmaking and honouring his memory.

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