Born in 2012
Origin Switzerland
Prices from £775
Famous for  For looking like an Urwerk but for a fraction of the price

SevenFriday is the brainchild of Daniel Niederer and his idea for the brand was to create a watch that respected horological history but that looked original.

At first glance, its watches look as though they are in the tradition of brands such as Urwerk or HYT – ones that are finding new and interesting ways to represent time. What is clever about SevenFriday is that what initially looks very complicated is actually a three-hand watch with a 24-hour indicator.

The other clever thing is the price point. By using Chinese parts, simple materials and none of the high-end craftsmanship associated with watches, SevenFriday can retail its numbered, limited-edition timepieces at incredibly reasonable prices.

Despite its Chinese interior, SevenFriday has become popular with watch collectors, even the sorts of people who would normally be buying up vintage Pateks.

Did You Know? One of the first people to purchase a SevenFriday in the US was Boys2Men singer Shawn Stockman.

Brand Friends: It is still a young brand but it’s making waves with serious collectors, so it will only be a matter of time before we start seeing it on the wrists of horologically clued-up celebrities.

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