Born in 2013
Origin London
Prices from £115 (set price for all watches)
Famous for  Famous for naming the watches after British seaside destinations

As many watch stories also start, Shore Projects came about because someone couldn’t find something to wear. In this case, it was three friends – Jono Holt, James Street and Ellie Price – who were disappointed with watch designs available to them. They’d looked around online and in stores but nothing seemed to appeal. So they decided to design something that did. The result is a range of four watches – Poole, Whitstable, St Ives and Portland – all named after British seaside destinations because, although the founders all live in London now, they originally hailed from the coast.

While the watches look pretty smart, the best thing about this brand is the straps. They are designed with a brilliant release mechanism, which means you can switch it up in the same time it takes to put on your shoes. A great way to give a watch a new lease of life or match it to your outfit. And all for the bargain price of £20. The current collection is rather small, but there are plans to expand and the team is currently collaborating with some amazing young designers to create a new range of straps. The featured watches are from the POLKA DOT Collection.

Did You Know? The watches are assembled in China with the movements coming from Switzerland and the strap leather from Italy.

Brand Friends: The brand has only been going a few months so it hasn’t been snapped on anyone’s wrist just yet. But it’s only a matter of time.

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