When you go to see Hermès at Baselworld, you are always guaranteed to see something pretty gorgeous, but this time, it upped the ante by launching an entirely new line.

Called Slim d’ Hermès, this was born out of the brand’s desire to created a collection that could be worn everyday and that came in a variety of options.

Being Hermès, it couldn’t just create something pedestrian, with Roman numerals, say, or any other basic elements; this watch had to be pure and timeless with a design that could be easily used on different case sizes and functions without any manipulation.

To do that it hired well-known Paris-based graphic designer Philippe Apeloig, who is apparently Paris’s unofficial ‘ambassador of culture’ and who has worked with Hermès before but never on a watch.

The Watch

Hermes Slim d'Hermes watch

The result of the collaboration between Apeloig and Hermès is something quite special. The first thing you notice is the unusual font used for the numerals. They feel both contemporary and vintage – like a reworking of something used in the Art Deco period.

Despite them being noticeable because of their originality, they don’t detract from the overall look of the watch itself which, as you’d expect from Hermès, is elegance personified.

What’s interesting?

Hermes Slim d'Hermes watch

Aside from the typography, which, in Apeloig’s signature style apparently explores “sychronicity or de-sychonicity, patterning and rhythm” (no, us neither, but he is Parisian…), the other thing to note about this watch is its slimness.

The movement makers at Hermès spent four years creating an exceptionally slim movement just for this watch. The result is the supermodel slender Calibre H1950, which slips in at a svelte 2.6mm.

Look and feel

Hermes Slim d'Hermes watch

This is a very contemporary looking timepiece but once you put it on the wrist, you know you’ll be wearing it forever. We tried out the 39.5mm in steel with the automatic movement, because we wanted to check out the new movement, but that may be too big for some of you. If it is, never fear for this also comes in a tres petite 25mm size, as well as a 32mm version.

The two smaller version are quartz but also come stone set. There is also the further option of the 25mm with a bracelet rather than leather strap. Though why you would want metal when the Hermès strap atelier is comparable to its handbag one, we don’t know.

Wear it

Any which way you want, but we’d play up the simplicity by paring it with your wardrobe classics. It would look incredible peeping out from under a trench coat sleeve or sitting next to a black cashmere jumper. Just take your queues from Audrey Tautou.

Hermes Slim d'Hermes watch

To get the look, click on the board

Need to know

If you want something from Hermès that isn’t immediately recognisable by the masses then this is the watch for you. It’s also quite a non-twee way to do his and hers matching watches, if you’re into that sort of thing of course.

As it is February, we couldn’t resist making Hermès our brand of the month, as what better way to show your affection than gifting a Hermès timepiece? Exactly.

Enquire: www.hermes.com or call 020 7499 8856

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