Swatch & Mika Kukulakuki and Kukulakuku watches

Kukulakuki RRP £111 & Kukulakuku RRP £44.50

Post-modern pop star Mika has created the latest Swatch Art Specials called KUKULAKUKI and KUKULAKUKU (say that after a glass of wine). Adding his name to the long list of painters, sculptors, filmmakers, musicians, photographers and designers, Mika, with a little help from his sister Yasmine, worked with Swatch to create a daring ‘art for the wrist’ duo. Inspired by a totemic object, the timepieces feature a simple but bold pattern on the strap, with an image similar to an African tribal mask on each dial. Visually striking with a bit of a mystical feel, the watches are quiet captivating and just what you’d expect from the vibrant and diverse pop star.

Although complete with mask in the special packaging for the limited edition KUKULAKUKI, Swatch and Mika don’t stop there, oh no, they have also launched a Swatch AR’t app. This “augmented reality” app fleshes out the myth that lies at the heart of his design. Several times a day the app animates the spirit world of the mask, revealing startling new perspectives. Available worldwide, download from the iOS App Store and Android Market – it’s time to have a little bit of fun!

Mika Portrait image wearing Swatch Kukulakuki and Kukulakuku

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