Born in 2007
Origin UK
Prices from £70
Famous for  Keeps count of how many laps you’ve swam!

Swimovate was founded as the founders always lost count of the number of laps they swam which really aggravated them. Their research told them that they weren’t alone in this annoyance. They wanted to develop an affordable, fully automatic solution, and so they made our own- the PoolMate.

PoolMates stand as the answer for swimmers looking for a watch that includes a fully automatic lap and stroke counter. They automatically track each swim stroke and lap change-no more counting as you go! PoolMates are fully functional and stylish lap counter watches that display lap count, time, average strokes per lap, speed, distance, calories and efficiency. Details are also stored automatically in the watch, making it easy to come back to later for review.

Did You Know?A feature of particular interest is that you can obtain swim data from each set that you swim and compare it against another. This way it’s easy to see if you are tiring as you complete a multi-set session and see how your efficiency is compromised. You can also time rest periods between swim sets on the watch rather than using the pace clock on the pool wall- a great help for the short sighted amongst us!

For those who want comprehensive data, the PoolMateHR downloads splits for each individual lap too.

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