If you think Seiko is just a chaps-only brand, then now’s the time to reassess that view.

The fact that one of the few women on screen wearing a Seiko was Sigourney Weaver’s Ripley in 1986’s Aliens, does suggests that it might be a brand that has previously had more of a male focus, however, that has slowly been changing. Now the brand has some fab options for women from the sports-chic of the aptly named Sportura to the more classic lines of the Premier.

This number (which one lucky reader will be in with a chance of winning. See end of the review for more information) sits somewhere in between. It is sporty in the same way as something like a TAG Heuer Aquaracer but, like the TAG, straddles day and evening wear.

It also doesn’t need a battery.

The Watch

Seiko Solar Ladies watch

Yes, this is a solar watch. Seiko launched its first solar watch back in 1977, making it one of the pioneers of this particular type of “clean-energy” technology, and this watch is part of the new, improved Solar collection, which recently relaunched in the UK.

One of the biggest challenges with solar-powered watches has been the dial. In order to get the light in to power the watch, dials had to be semi-transparent, which never looked very attractive. This isn’t the case with this watch. The dial is mother-of-pearl but without any transparency.

The other benefit to having a solar-powered watch is that you don’t have to worry about battery changes – something that is not only good for the environment – no waste from discarded batteries – but also for your wallet – no buying batteries or needing to replace your watch, for rather a long while.

What’s interesting?

Seiko Solar Ladies Watch

Aside from the solar power, what is amazing about this watch is what you get for your money. For just £249, you get all that solar technology, five diamonds on the dial and a stainless steel and gold case and bracelet. And there is the lovely touch of the blue stone on the crown, which shows an attention to detail that you don’t normally get in watches in this price bracket.

Also, don’t be fooled by the word “solar”. This watch can get power from all kinds of light, however exposure to just two minutes of sunlight will produce one day of charge, with the watch being fully charged after just three hours.

If it goes completely dead then just eight minutes of exposure to sunlight will get it going again.

Look and feel

Seiko Solar Ladies watch

This has that sporty elegance that harks back to the 1980s, but in a good way. There is the classically stunning bracelet strap, which really adds to the luminescence of the mother-of-pearl dial. Bicolour may have been relegated to the fashion dustbin for the past decade, but it’s definitely back and this Seiko shows how, when deployed properly, it can add a luxe element to an everyday piece.

It’s the ideal piece if you can’t afford to buy a specific day or evening watch and want something that works for any occasion.

Its dial does come up on the small side, which means it isn’t for those who prefer that “stolen it from your boyfriend” look, but if you’re after something chic, slightly sporty and very versatile then this is definitely the watch for you.

Wear it by Nick Spensley, InStyle’s executive fashion director

This is one of those “wear with everything” numbers. You might be pushing that sartorial definition if you spend your days wearing builder’s overalls (though it could add a touch of glamour to said outfit), however, it really is one of those classic timepieces that suits any situation.

Accentuate the sporty vibe with grey marl and jersey or play up the diamonds with something slinky – it really is up to you.

InStyle’s executive fashion director, Nick Spensley, has styled the Seiko as almost a combination of the two. There’s the casual element with the tee and jeans, but they’re given a touch of glamour with the heels, jacket and sinfully red handbag. We love it.

Seiko Ladies Solar watch how to wear it

To get this look, click on the board

Need to know

Classic but chic styling translates to any situation with this sportily elegant number. And you never have to worry about changing a battery, which is an absolute bonus.

Buy it now: Seiko


If you like what you’ve read, then you can be in with a chance to win this watch. Just click here, answer a simple question and keep your fingers crossed until September 30! It’s that simple.

Good luck!

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