Tudor Glamour Selfridges edition watch

There’s nothing quite like stepping into the gleaming halls of Selfridges to make you feel exhilarated about Christmas. With its incredible window displays, in-store decorations and coveted offerings, you’re going to need some serious willpower not to splash out on the credit card. Fortunately, on our latest trip to Selfridges on London’s Oxford Street we were only tempted by one very special item…Tudor’s new limited edition, exclusive 36mm Glamour Date with a Violet Lizard-leather strap.

Tudor is more commonly thought of as a men’s brand, which isn’t surprisingly considering most of its PR and press activity has centred on its Heritage Black Bay, North Flag and Pelagos launches. However, that is a real shame because Tudor also has some rather desirable women’s watches.

Sitting in that very enticing £1500 – £5000 bracket, they are the ideal purchase for those of us who want to enter the world of luxury watches but to steer away from those brands that are a just a little too mainstream.

In order to turn our head, Tudor has released its 36mm Glamour Date with silver dial and diamond indices on a Violet Lizard-leather strap exclusively for the Wonder Room. With so many watches vying for our attention it is testament to Tudor that its Violet Lizard designs stand out from the crowd…even if they are tucked away on a top shelf.

So, obviously, we had to take a closer look…

The Watch

Tudor Glamour Selfridges edition watch

The great thing about Tudor is that, despite it being a new name to most of you, it has actually being going as a brand since 1946. So the chaps there know what they are doing when it comes making timepieces.

This number is from its Glamour collection, which fuses classic design with elements of extravagance, such as diamond indices or precious metal incorporation. The Violet Lizard strap adds an overtly feminine edge to the Glamour collection, which currently contains much darker leather shades and steel bracelets. It’s softer, smaller and aesthetically striking resulting in a successful, not to say appealing, addition to it women’s array.

What’s interesting?

Tudor Glamour at Selfridges

Thanks to the screw-down crown, you can actually swim in this watch – whether you’d actually want to or not is an entirely separate conversation. We wouldn’t because the lizard-leather strap is just too gorgeous to ruin with pool water, although it is very fitting wristwear for sipping a cocktail or two whilst lounging.

Unfortunately, unless you live in London or have a friend who is willing to battle with the crowds on Oxford Street, this particular strap is only available at Selfridges. However, we’d suggest you find a way to get one, because it really lifts this timepiece from something cool but classic to a real must-have, on-trend accessory.

It also has all the other hardwear you’d expect from a brand like Tudor – sapphire crystal, steel case, 38-hour power reserve and, unusually for a women’s watch, a deployant clasp.

Look and feel

Tudor Glamour Selfridges edition watch

At 36mm, this is the ideal watch for any wrist. If you’re delicately proportioned, it will look substantial without being overwhelming, but if your wrists are larger then it will take on a more dainty demeanour. The piece has a pleasing weight to it, and the strap feels secure enough to cope with everyday wear. The diamond indices add a bit of sparkle without being intrusive, while the strap gives an injection of colour that turns the watch into more of a fashion accoutrement.

Wear it by Alexandra Lunt, fashion stylist

With its combination of crisp, silver dial and vibrant violet strap, we can picture this watch working with some equally slick tailoring. For work, team it with a classic white shirt with an angular black jacket for a jolt of confidence, or dress it down with some perfectly fitting jeans and a pair of pointed toe heels.

Fashion stylist Alexandra Lunt has taken the gorgeous new Tudor Glamour Violet Lizard as a starting point for her clean, contemporary look below. Kate Moss provided the ultimate inspiration with her on-point style and rebellious attitude.

You can follow our guest stylist on Instagram @alexandralunt and Twitter @alexandralunt.

Tudor Glamour new Polyvore

To get the look, click on the board

Need to know

These exclusive, limited edition versions of the Tudor Glamour Date with Violet Lizard-leather straps also come in a black or white dial, with or without diamonds – the choice is yours. They are only available in-store at Selfridges’ Wonder Room on Oxford Street.

Shop the collection in-store: The Wonder Room at Selfridges

Other looks

Tudor Glamour violet Lizard Strap Tudor Glamour violet Lizard Strap

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