Tiffany & Co watch

A selection of Tiffany & Co jewellery watches from the archives

We’ve been sitting on this for the past two months but can now reveal what Tiffany & Co has been up to on the watch front since it parted acrimonious ways with the Swatch Group back in 2011 – a spilt that, back in 2013, resulted in Tiffany & Co having to pay Swatch Group $450m.

Anyway, since then the renowned jeweller has decided to go it alone and has actually gone back to its archives and used its own watchmaking history as a starting point.

The result is some seriously great-looking watches. There were some grumblings about the price of the automatics being a bit steep for a standard movement (the men’s CT60 collection starts at £3,450).

However, as we pointed out to said grumbler, if you’re with your other half in Tiffany & Co spending three months wages on a solitaire engagement ring, then these look like positively reasonable groom-to-be gifts, which is where we suspect Tiffany & Co is hoping to get a few sales.

Whatever the price gripes, these are still well-design watches that remind people Tiffany & Co was once a serious watchmaker in its own right.

We’ll take the two pictured below please…

Tiffany & Co watch 

 Right: The women’s automatic complete with diamonds; left this unusual design, called the East West of obvious reasons, is based on an original Tiffany & Co watch

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