Born in 1837
Origin USA
Prices from £1,460
Famous for  Apart from the obvious ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ fame, Charles Lewis Tiffany, actually bought the French Crown Jewels

Established 1837 by Charles Lewis Tiffany, Tiffany & Co has defined style, celebrated love stories and become an international symbol of sophistication in the form of its world famous 5th Avenue store in New York and iconic blue box with the white ribbon.

Since the early twentieth century the world has been enchanted with Tiffany’s romantic glamour and Audrey Hepburn personified the Tiffany brand of style in Hollywood classic ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’. Charles ensured Tiffany & Co was an emporium of luxury after naming one of the world’s largest yellow diamonds he had bought after the store and even buying the French crown jewels. From this point onwards Charles Lewis Tiffany was know only as The King of Diamonds.

An American institution for over 170 years, Tiffany & Co boasts collaborations with only a handful of legendary designers, invited exclusively to create exquisite jewellery collections capturing the style of their time. In 1902, Louis Comfort Tiffany, leader of the world Art Nouveau movement and son of founder Charles Lewis Tiffany, revered for his jewellery and famous stained glass work, was the brands first design director followed by the fashionable Jean Schlumberger. In 1974 Elsa Peretti brought a modern and sensual aesthetic to Tiffany & Co, while Paris born Paloma Picasso introduced bold and brilliant pieces. Most recently the world’s most innovative and pioneering architect, Frank Gehry’s collection reflects his buildings; jewellery with spontaneous twists combined with innovative style.

Jewellery is not all Tiffany & Co is famous for, the brand has been commissioned by the worlds elite to create bespoke and sometimes unexpected pieces including a sterling silver bicycle, gold mesh halter top (1974), gold parasol handle with an integrated watch (1889) and during the gilded age, even a gold chamber pot.

Tiffany & Co watches mirror the timeless and elegant jewellery design whilst incorporating Swiss mechanics, setting the standard in watch manufacturing for over 150 years. The special range of Cocktail watches feature even more diamonds and luxury finishes than the men and women’s collections put together. 18k gold and white gold are combined with diamonds and even satin finished straps, to create the ultimate accessory as worn by America’s elite to cocktail parties, black tie dinners or to the theatre.

Tiffany & Co is the ultimate diamond and luxury connoisseur.

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